I am interested in the different people that come to my blog. Please comment to sign my guest book with. It would also be nice to know where you’re from.



7 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Hi Todd, great blog. I was wondering which company you used to find a placement, as me and my girlfriend are keen to go out and teach in the same area as you did. Hope you are enjoying your travels.

  2. Hi Todd,

    So keen to read about your traveling expeditions and very excited to see I feature heavily in at least a handful of the posts.

    Shame I can’t find the button to subscribe.


  3. The capsule hotel looks like a morgue without the front door,you obviously need to be slim to sleep in there ! Glad you are still travelling , and blogging. Keep on keeping on x

  4. Heh Todd,
    Saw a job come up at Northgate it reminded me of you and your travels so thought I would find out what you were up to. Wow what an experience once again, quite how you find the time to write up your blogs I don’t know but such a good read. Really exciting and great to know your well. Take care.

      1. No I didn’t haha!! I’m on 4.5 day contract at Fairway this year which will hopefully continue next year, staying put for now!! Just read your new travels well done. How exciting.


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